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Discuss the epidemiology of chronic pain in the United States.
Describe the principal anatomic divisions of the nervous system involved in nociception.
Describe the physiologic mechanisms involved with nociception from receptor to cerebral cortex.
Describe the difference between a patient-centered interview and a clinician-centered interview.
Demonstrate interview habits that facilitate the patient-centered interview.
Describe key features of the “Pain Story.”
Discuss salient features of the musculoskeletal exam.
Discuss Salient features of the neurologic exam.
Determine a diagnosis.
Describe the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria.
Describe common MRI findings in the lumbar spine.
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I learned a great deal as a result of this course.
The content related to the objectives.
The course provided practical suggestions I can apply to my practice.
The faculty was knowledgeable and articulate.
The methods and format were appropriate and effective.
As a result of this program, I plan to make changes to my practice.
Financial relationships were disclosed by speakers.
Any off-label or investigational uses were disclosed.
The program was free from commericial bias.