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Identify the major etiological factors associated with PTHA following traumatic brain injury as well as cervical whiplash injury
Understand the pathophysiological mechanisms posited to be the cause of post-traumatic headache pain
Review the key points of inquiry in the context of taking a thorough PTHA history.
Delineate the basic examination both neurological and otherwise of the patient presenting with headache following trauma.
Appreciate the complexity of treatment options for PTHA as related to the various headaches subtypes.
Learn about the natural history and prognosis of PTHA.
Comprehend the importance of patient education in the context of holistic PTHA management.
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I learned a great deal as a result of this course.
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The faculty was knowledgeable and articulate.
The methods and format were appropriate and effective.
As a result of this program, I plan to make changes to my practice.
Financial relationships were disclosed by speakers.
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The program was free from commericial bias.